Isla de la Madeline

The most "special and unique" island yet known to man

New official base unit for Isla de la Madeline: La Maditude

A blend of the Spanish word for length, longitud and the name of the adored founder and queen of this island, Madeline

Base unit: La Maditude

Las Maditudes can be based on the length of a standard banana (2 meters), organically grown on Isla de la Madeline

Subunits for La Maditude

  1. Kilo-Kilotude-1,000 tudes
  2. Hecto-Hectotude-100 tudes
  3. Deka-Dekatude-10 tudes
  4. Meter-Maditude-Basic tude
  5. Deci-Decitude-0.1 tudes
  6. Centi-Centitude-.01 tudes
  7. Milli-Millitude-.001 tudes