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What Can We Do with SAGE Insights?

Did you know that the standard outputs of the AAC (Amnet Audience Center) are called SAGE insights, which stands for Site, Audience, Geo, and Exposure? These insights can answer a variety of questions to help you better understand your audience.

If you have questions like

  • What websites am I more likely to find my audience compared to average users?
  • What categories of websites are my users interested in?
  • What languages are the websites that my users visit?
  • How do two groups of users compare in terms of online behavior?
  • What sites should I test for PMPs?

You can answer them with Site Insights

If you have questions like

  • What are the demographic characteristics of my audience?
  • What interests, online behaviors, and shopping intent does my audience have?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the audience visiting different pages?
  • What third party data providers and segments are good to target?

You can answer them with Audience Insights

If you have questions like

  • Where does my audience live?
  • Are there geographic differences in my audience across different brand pages?
  • Do climate, topography, or other geographically correlated characteristics affect the pages my audience looks at?
  • Does my audience live in city or rural areas?

You can answer them with Geo Insights

If you have questions like

  • What times and which devices do users use to visit my advertiser’s site?
  • What other sites does my audience visit before or after they visit my brand’s site?
  • What do my users do online throughout the day?
  • What is the audience overlap between my advertiser’s web pages?

You can answer them with Exposure Insights

When thinking about using data in your work, remember this - questions come before queries. This list contains just a few of the basic questions we can answer using the AAC. If you have questions that aren’t on the list, that’s great – the AAC can likely answer those too!

If you‘re interested in learning more about the different insights and the queries behind them, take a look at the Query Builder tool we have, which is located on the Amnet shared drive here: M:\Analytics\SAGE 2.0 final product\BETA AAC - Query Builder 5.xlsx

Data Use Case Studies Reminder

Thanks to everyone who's already done this, and a quick reminder for those who haven't.

I would love, love, LOVE if you could send me a blurb about what, when, how, and with whom you share data and insights. It really helps me to know how you guys use data in your day to day work. And also I am writing some short case studies about how we are using data to add value for the client.

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