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MCE Staff Newsletter for Jan. 29, 2016

Just the Dates, Mate.

Monday, Feb. 1

Speech ARCs: 9:20 Mr. Gregg/10:30am (coverage provided) Mrs. Keith/11:00am Mrs. Saylor/11:35am Mrs. Lengle/12:05pm Mrs. Keith/1:30pm Mrs. Crupper/1:55pm Mrs. Curd

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Speech ARCs: 8:20am Ms. Jones/11:00am Mrs. Lengle/11:30am Mrs. Lengle/12:15pm Mrs. Cosgrove

Wednesday, Feb. 3


PBIS Meeting after school

Thursday, Feb. 4

PreK ARC Ms. Wagoner 3:15pm

Friday, Feb. 5


Feb. 15 is Contract Day/Presidents’ Day/CCB Training

Feb. 16 Midterms go home for 3rd Nine Weeks

Curriculum Cuties

-Great conversations during PLCs! Being intentional about Success and Next-Step Feedback is so powerful. If we expect you to deliver it to our students you need to hear it from us as well. It is easy to name the strengths at each grade level and I look forward to our Next Steps!

-We will be looking more closely at formative assessments during PLCs next week. There will be a short article for you to read before Wednesday. We would also like to see some student samples of formative assessments so be collecting those.

-Midterms will go home on February 16th!

-Lots of great instruction happening! Here are some of the highlights: students using laptops, differentiated instruction, Conceptual Building Blocks games, well-planned RTI, language work, teachers teaching and students learning until buses are called, etc. Keep making a difference!


You have named specific students for your success story. You've set up schedules that allow for customized reading and math flex groups. Your team has shared some next steps for formative assessment use. The calendar is rolling...The time is coming...

We will be looking at your team's 30/60/90 Day game plans again and again. Progress doesn't happen by accident and we'll revisit and discuss team plans and next steps this spring. We only have a few months left to help our students become on-level readers and mathematicians. Students are well on their way...We just have to stay the course.

Stick with it! Know the snowy weather and chopped up schedule make some things hectic. Hang in there and know that your intentional planning and collaboration are powerful.

#staystrong #movingrightalong #eyesontheprize

Please send home list of student names for families as Valentine's approaches.

Counselor's Cues


I have multiple ARCs on Monday and Tuesday. I will be out of the building next Wednesday afternoon for CC Inspire.

Good job on coming back from the snow days and retraining when needed. It takes a lot of energy to get the “machine” up and running after sporadic snow days. All of you did a marvelous job getting procedures going again after missing many days.

Our next PBIS meeting will be next Wednesday February 3rd after school. We will be reviewing our discipline data and talking about our upcoming walkthrough.