college plans

By: yoshua maya

step1: le college

I am going to Abilene Christian, the cost is 15,390 per semester and will cost 123,120 by the end of my stay there.

step 2: after the storm

my plan to survive after college is to have a budget on every thing. and use almost all of my money, leaving me with a minimum of 389.03.

about the project

1. that life can be planned to the point were you can use a certain amount of money each day and still have money to spend off

2. the tuition fee as I found a way to spend extra time to get a masters for the cost of a undergrad as you could attend as many classes as you want at Abilene Christian

3. that it is not going to be a easy road and the it will be rought and hard but with a lot of work I can make it