A Different life

P.S it's a math project

My precious Car

Starting off with my car payment per month which is $325 in month, which is an ridiculous amount, and that something that can only be done with my current income of $70,000 (tax excluded).

My painfully past

Next up is the one and only college loans. I am looking at about $402.98 a month and gosh is that a lot. But regardless that's how much I gotta pay if I wanna pay everything off in 10 years! Oh and I rounded up the cost to $405 in case I wanted a ice cream with the spare change.

I'm a hungry guy you know..

I soon found myself pondering how much I would eat and how much spend for the most case every month and then in a site I found, it mentioned that it's $1050 for a couple and $585 for single expenses. So I decided to be single for live. Jk…. And after adding up all the stuff So far I would have $1670 in hand every month. (I'll explain later


With the money I hand in hand I decided it be better to buy a house for less than $300,000, and plus the interest rate was 3.96% soooo.... I bought/in process house for $279,000. Which gave me about a monthly payment of $1325.56. That's not horrible, well.... it'll take me 30 years though...

Shorten my housing buying process

I decided that 30 years was way too much so, I bumped up my monthly payments for my house by $200, in which case I will be paying $1525.56, and it will, in my mind, greatly take me down to mere 23 years! It's 7 years, and I might just be in my 50s by then!... that's kinda depressing...

My savings account

I saved about $1,168.33 every month so that by the end of my thirty year plan for my house I would have $358,104.33 in my savings account. But if I were to shorten the time that it would take for me to buy the house by paying $200 more to my monthly payment on the house, I would still end up with $289,540.69 on my savings!