NEWSELA PRO at Darby Creek

The Scoop

Cindy has graciously ordered this online reading resource for Darby Creek. Our subcription is now active and will continue through the end of July, 2016! Newsela contains news articles on a wide scope of topics. Each article is available on five different reading levels. Some of the articles have pre-made quizzes and writing prompts. Teachers can also create their own prompts.

    When you register, enter your school email, as it will also function as your username.

    If you already have an account, your subscription should have converted to a Newsela PRO account.

    I am eager to show you what Newsela has to offer, and I can help you set up

    your class! Join me Thursday the 23rd at 3:35 or Monday 27th at 8:00 in the coaching room if you'd like to learn more.