Spanish American War

American Imperialism

The Coming of War

It is your job to report on the issues/events leading up to the war.

  • What events occurred to lead to the actual war?
  • What were people in America thinking?
  • How did "Yellow Journalism"' affect people's viewpoints?
  • What finally pushed us into war?

Battles of the War

It is your job to report on the specific battles of the war.

  • What went wrong, what went right?
  • What were the key land/naval battles?
  • Why did America win the war?

Opposition to the War

Your job is to report on the opposition to the War.

  • What did those opposed to the war do?
  • What did they think?
  • How organized was this resistance?


Please post a gallery of photos from the Spanish American War with a brief description of each photo.