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From The Olive Branch

Spotlight on the Board

Krystal Winget

Board Member

Krystal has worked in the legal departments of several large corporations for over 25 years. As a Senior Paralegal with Electronic Data Systems and Lennox International Inc., she excelled in supporting in-house and outside counsel on commercial litigation cases and internal investigations. Joining the Legal Division of Mary Kay Inc. in 2005, she leads a multi-person team responsible for proactively educating and providing compliance enforcement to members of the independent sales force. Krystal further utilizes her leadership skills and paralegal experience on various special projects, with positive results. She is an established global subject matter expert focused on resolving complex sales force compliance enforcement matters and identifying various potential legal risks to the Company. She earned her Certificate of Educational Achievement in Paralegal Studies through the University of North Texas Professional Development Program in 1995 and has received numerous awards based upon her excellent leadership abilities.

Serving as a life-long advocate for her adult niece, Becka who was diagnosed at birth with porencephaly, Krystal’s passion for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as for their families, has grown throughout the years. She is a member of Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, has volunteered in CUMC’s Special Angels ministry since its inception in 2006 and is a current committee member of this ministry that serves children and adults with special needs. Additionally, Krystal often provides respite care to families who have children with special needs.

She resides in Plano, Texas and is the proud mother of two kind-hearted, caring and loving young men, Henry and Tommy, and Maggie, their affectionate chocolate Labrador Retriever.

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The Day Program

The Olive Branch citizens have been working on year round products to fill our up and coming Gift Shop. We can't give details just yet, but we look forward to sharing the good news soon! Below is a sneek peek at a few items we've been working on.
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Summer Luncheon

We are currently narrowing a date down for our first fundraising lunch. We cant wait to share the great works of The Olive Branch with a larger audience. Details coming soon!
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What is The Olive Branch?

My wife and I started a nonprofit charity /501 (c)(3) for special needs adults. The vision is to create a community for adults with special needs and abilities, like our 18 year old daughter, Olivia, where they can live, work, and find fulfillment. The model is not new; it is based on similar communities in Texas and elsewhere, but with a vision to be self-sustainable and repeatable in different communities. I wish I could say this was my vision but all the glory goes to God for giving me a vision much bigger than I.

There is a great need for this – in Frisco alone, there are projected to be several thousand residents who could potentially be a part of the programs offered by The Olive Branch. We are planning on doing our part to set up the model, bring in the resources needed to start it up, and work toward making it self-sustainable.

The path to this has already started with a day program running on Saturdays only. We are setting a goal to have a Monday through Friday day program for at least 20 people in the very near future. Support for this comes in part from the participants in the program, fundraisers, and donations. Without a program or community like The Olive Branch there is little hope for a happy, healthy and abundant life for adults with special abilities. If you feel drawn to help in any way, please contact us at info@theolivebranchfrisco.org

If you can find a way to help, please send donations to The Olive Branch Frisco, PO Box 6022, Frisco, TX 75035. We are 501(c)(3) and your donation will be tax deductible. As always, please consult your tax advisor for any matters regarding your personal situation and whether or not this would be of benefit to you.

I appreciate your help. If you have time, please check out “The Olive Branch Frisco” on Facebook, and “Like” our page. It always helps to get the word out about what we are doing, and build support.


Darin Blackwell

Founder and President