First Grade News

Garro's Superheroes Week of March 14-18

Dear Parents,

I missed all my little friends over our break and it was so exciting to see their smiling faces! Yesterday was the 120th day of school and your child was given a packet of activities to work on. They should have brought it home yesterday. They didn't have time to complete it and may finish it at home this week. We celebrated the 120th day of school because first graders are supposed to be able to count forward and backwards by ones to 120, count by 10's and 5's to 120 and understand place value to 120. Of course we go higher for students who are ready!

We also started a new author study on books by Leo Lionni. Your child should have brought home an information page on him. Many of his stories are fables. We learned that a fable is a story that teaches a moral or a lesson. Ask your child what animals he uses for characters in his stories.

What Are We Learning


*I can identify the theme of a story by telling a friend.

*I can recognize the craft an author has used by sharing with the class.

* I can make connections to stories by writing about it.

* I can identify the moral or lesson from a story by writing about it.

* I can identify cause and effect by completing a graphic organizer.

Things I can practice after reading to someone at home:

*I can retell the BME of a story and explain what "PLOT" means by telling an adult.

*I can explain & record events in a story by writing in my journal.

*I can identify the Elements in a Story (Characters, Setting, Problem, & Solution) by writing in my journal .

Word Work & Grammar:

*I can apply the "bossy r" sound in words to read unknown words by stretching them out. (ir, er, ur, ar, or)


*I can write a personal narrative by using the writing process.

*I can write a friendly letter by using the writing process..

*I can identify the parts of a letter by labeling them.


*I can compare 2-D and 3-D shapes by completing a T-chart.

*I can use the following vocabulary to describe 3-D shapes: vertices, faces, edges by writing about it in my math journal

*I can solve word problems by using the following thinking patterns to complete a UPS check

-SSM-Some and Some More

-SWA-Some Went Away

-BSD-Bigger Smaller Difference (used for how many more or comparing numbers)

*I can learn my doubles to help me solve problems in math.

*I can use place value to compare numbers as greater or less than.

*I can use place value to add and subtract 10 or 20 by solving equations

Social Studies/Science:

*I can identify light sources by writing about it in my science journal

*I can use a magnifying glass to observe things by recording information in my journal.


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