Letters, buttons, zippers and snaps


Dear Parents,

Buttons, shapes, velcro, zippers are some of the few features children mentioned. This week we worked on investigations to expand their ideas, find answers to questions, and learning important skills and concepts connected to the features of clothes. We discussed different sizes in clothing, shapes that we see in clothes, and buttons.

We noticed that some clothes had number sizes, some letters and drawings. During the week, we included new and different things in all our centers, and everyone was so excited and engaged! In the dramatic center we added hangers, and some old clothes from Bernardo and Diego. In the block center, we added measuring tape. In our Discovery center, the children cut the cloth into equal pieces. We always have a new game available, from button practice, to zipper, to letter matching clothes, patterns, memory games. In Art , we were working on our beautiful tote bags. During Circle time, I stood up in front of the children and had them describe what I was wearing. Then, I wrapped myself in a blanket and had them to recall what I was wearing.

At home you can examine fabrics together, and discuss how clothes are made. Look at labels and find out where the clothes were made. Look at pictures from the past and note how the clothing differs from clothing today.

Next Week

We will move on to our Investigation 2: How do we take care of our clothes?

We will explore the different types of soaps; liquid, bar, powder. We will describe the process of separating light and dark colored clothing before washing them.

You can talk about this with your child at home, so they are ready to share their ideas.

Highlights of the week: We had three mystery readers this week!!! Hooray!!!

Mystery Reader Activities

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Mystery Reader #1 Maria Fernanda Eva's mom

Mrs. Maria Fernanda, Eva's mom came to our class to read us a book ! She read to us The Scaredy Cat Lion Tamer. Following the story, we had some delicious cupcakes.

Her clues

I love all kind of desserts! Like chocolate cakes. I can eat them all day, all the days.
I love to play with water in our patio

I love to watch movies at home with all of our family in the bed, daddy, your friend sister, and me! eating lots of popcorn

I love to tell stories to my two little daughters at night!!!

I am from Ecuador.

Mystery Reader # 2 Beatriz/ Bity

We had so much fun by listening to Diego's favorite story. Students were learning new vocabulary words. Thank you Mrs. Bity for coming to our classroom.

Her clues

1. Mi desayuno favorito es fruta sobre todo cuando ????? me lo lleva a la cama pensando siempre que es el día de la Madre. O cuando entre los tres miembros de mi familia preparan huevos y ponen la mesa los domingos...

2. Tenemos un perrito que tiene nombre de un película de Disney

3. Me gusta mucho comer Almond Butter

4. Hago Crossfit con mi esposo casi todos los días.

5. Tengo pelo amarilo/marron, ojos marrones, y soy de Venezuela

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Mystery Reader # 3 Alberto

Mr. Alberto, Cira's dad, came and read us An Amazing Snowman /Frozen. Just the fact that he was there impressed the students. They asked questions and made comments about the book. Mr. Alberto answered all their questions.

His Clues

Clue #1

I drink coffee every morning before work

Clue #2

I always want hugs and kisses

Clue #3

I really like playing golf

Clue #4

I have a beard and was born in Venezuela


I love to play barbies and I am always Ken

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UN day Information

UN is right around the corner and we would appreciate your help to make it a successful day.

Each classroom will be representing a culturally rich country. Our country is Italy.

We would really like to decorate our classrooms to reflect the country we are representing. Mrs. Yuli and Mrs. Marianella will coordinate with the rest of our parents to see if you can help us with props.

About UN Day

On Wednesday, October 21st , please join us in a Cultural Food Potluck at 11:00. You may bring typical food or beverages from your countries. And remember, Parents and children need to come in colors or costumes representing your family’s countries.

7:30 – 8:15 : Assembly –(students)

8:15 – 8:30 Light snack

8:30 – 9:45 Rotations - 4 rotations of 15 minutes each. Pre-k 4 will rotate with Pre-k 4 and Pre-k 3 with Pre-k 3 classrooms. (Students and teachers)

9:45 – 10:00 bathroom breaks, time for overrun.

10:00 – 10:20 – Small PK parade from our area to Sava’s office and bac. Parents may be here from 10am. (Parents can come)

10:30 – 11:00 Large parade - PK will be seated to watch the school’s parade.

11: 00 – 11:50 Classroom celebration (ISP family-Parents and Students)

Books of the Week -Llama, Llama Red Pajama / Buttons, buttons, Caps for Sale and Smelly Socks

Llama Llama Red Pajama Book Reading for Kids | Audio Book | Bedtime Story

Song of the week

Put On Your Shoes | Clothing Song for Kids


  1. Un Day Oct. 21st

  2. Yearbook Pictures Oct 30th

  3. No School Thursday-Parent teacher conferences

  4. Oct 14th and 15th Parent Teacher Conferences

  5. FANLYC Relay for Life

  6. Mystery Reader on Friday

Caps for Sale

Circle time and more activities

Book Smelly Socks- Activity Washing Socks

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Caps for Sale

Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina featuring Winnie and Friends