Gr 2 ELA and MATH

Reading with Mr. Yearick; Math with Miss H


Join us on Thursday, March 3, for our annual all school Learning Fair. Each classroom will have projects and displays ready for your viewing and enjoyment! Bring friends and neighbors who might be interested in learning more about Pilgrim's unique learning experience.

It all begins at 6:30 PM and goes until 8:00 PM. Tours are available!

Week of Feb 16-19 in ELA (reading)

This week we talked about irregular plurals, tricky consonant blends, long O vowel blends (we came up with some good ones, attached), and discussed author's purpose. We read the story "Jamaica Louise James" about a young girl who uses her artwork to bring some color and happiness to a subway station, and we used action verbs with some of the vocab from that story.

Next week we'll have a book to bring home about a young boy who wants to be just like the jazz trumpeter he hears in the club near his house. We'll also look at some long E sounds made with Y, and practice possessives.

Math Game Day