To Get Rid of Racism

Written by: Belle Johnson

Slavery's Begining

Slavery began when the triangular trade began. The triangular trade was a system the Europeans used to trade with the other countries. In the triangular trade they traded guns/weapons, cotton for clothing, and slaves to do the work. Slaves were the African Americans (black) that the whites bought to do their farming or house work. The whites did not treat slaves properly and they beat them with whips and were very cruel to the slaves they also treated them like they were lower than the whites and that the whites were more superior. To bring over the slaves they brought them in ships. In these ships they would be given very little food. Many slave died of disease or starvation. These slaves were needed in the new world because they needed them to do their work and grow crops and pick cotton and do their house chores for them. There were more slaves in the southern part of our country because in the northern part they did not like slavery and they were against it but the south grew up like that so they thought there was nothing wrong with slavery and it was just a way of life. Eventually, the south became no longer part of the United States because they believe slavery was OK but the north did not approve of slavery. Then, the cotton gin was invented as this creation was invented the need for slaves was increasing because they needed slaves to work the machines
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Slave Treatment

The slaves in America were treated poorly. Slaves were not allowed outside after dark. If it was dark out and they were out they would get beat. Slaves had to work in cotton fields or they are growing food. They could make money if they worked outside of the fields they could do entertainment and earn money from other whites. Also they could get married and they encouraged having kids so that their would be more slaves. They did not have much to eat some got one bushel of corn meal a month plus eight pounds of pork or fish. Some plantation owners gave their slaves a small piece of land, a truck-patch, where they could grow vegetables. Some slaves got about four hours of sleep if they were lucky it depended on the plantation they were on. If a slave does anything wrong they would be whipped for it. Sometimes owners would whip slaves just for fun. They were not allowed to go to school or learn because owners were afraid the slaves would rebel. Some plantation owners allowed slaves to have a small church ceremony on Sundays but some were not allowed. They were allowed to jump the broom or (get married) it wouldn't be legally but, that is how they said they were married. They wanted slaves to have children so that they could have more slaves on their plantation. They treated slaves like they weren't human that they were so much lower than whites and they bought them so that they were their property. If they were caught running away they would get whipped some might even die from it.
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Slavery Ending

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In the year of 1776 the American Revolutionary war began. During the war many blacks fought for the British when they were promised to be freed. 1793, the Fugitive slave law was created which meant they were not allowed to hinder the capturing of slaves. 1808 they stopped slave trade. In 1861 Northern Gen. John Fremont imposed martial law in Missouri and began freeing slaves as a military measure against Southern forces. President Lincoln when he became president he was afraid that not many would like him because he wasn't against slavery but he was morally opposed to slavery. The Republican Party's also did not like slavery. They both did not want there to be anymore slaves.
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Plan to Improve Race Relations

There are still racial tensions in America today. In the United States there is many racial tensions there are many people who still believe that the African Americans are not equal to whites. Many believe they are lower than whites. Today there are mixed schools and they make it so that we are equal but, In many schools with more blacks than white they have all of the old books they don't get the new things and they still do not treat them equal to whites. Many police are white and there are many shooting there will be kids playing with guns that look realistic and the police officers do not think much of it because they don't want to get hurt so the police pull out there gun and shoot and there has been a lot of talk and many think it is racism and if it was a white boy the police wouldn't think anything of it. It is harder for blacks to get the same kinds of jobs as white because some cant get as good of schooling because they only have the used books and they don't have as much money. So the blacks cannot get as good of jobs because of their schooling.

Tensions Between Whites and Blacks

The legacy of slavery has contributed to these racial tensions. Whites have treated the African Americans very poorly and blacks aren't going to forget what the whites did to their ancesters. Many blacks still think bad about the whites because they did so many bad things to their ancestors and they didn't treat them right. Blacks still haven't forgave whites for what happened so long ago and how hard it was for ancestors to live and to keep going through life. It was very hard for the blacks and its very hard for them to forget our country's history of supporting slavery.

Improving the Relations

The one idea I have tomprove race relations in America is to start activities in schools and at clubs to teach kids what happened back then and that it is not ok on how they treated blacks because of the color of their skin. To start this I will talk to the superintendent at schools and start a new club or ask to have a special class to talk to kids about what happened back when they had slaves and how badly they treated slaves and that it is not ok to treat people like that because of their skin color. These groups will talk about what they did to slaves how they treated them and talk about how we should treat kids now that bullying isn't ok because of the color of their skin and that just because they look different doesn't mean you should treat them different because they are humans to. Whites are not superior to blacks and that we are all created equal. These clubs will help because it will teach kids that it not right to do these things and that underneath the color we are the same.
The Quest To Improve Race Relations