Roanoke Sound Update

by: Elizabeth Oldham

LOCATION: Roanoke estuary is to the north of the Roanoke Sound which lies the Albermarle sound and to the south lies the Pamlico sound

IMPORTANCE OF ESTUARIES: "The local bay or sound often serves as the focal point for community life and traditions, hosting everything from harvest festivals to busy ports. They also protect water quality, are a center for research and education, and help stem the erosion of our shoreline communities"

ANIMALS: Mississippi kite, red-shouldered hawk, wood duck, tofted titmouse, and barred owl

RIVERS THAT FLOW: Croatan sound, Pamlico sound, Albermarle sound, and the Atlantic Ocean

THREATS: extracting uranium ore, the river holds countable about 50 million gallons of water for people to drink, if this would get disturbed by an "accident" from drilling then it would be a major problem.

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