World Civilization I

Summer 2016 Online


One often hears the cliché that understanding the past enables one to better understand the present. Most clichés are repeated so often because they carry a measure of truth. This particular saying contains a lot of truth. Understanding the history of the world helps us understand who and what we are today.

This course will treat the grand sweep of world history from the dawn of civilization to around 1500 AD. A good and appreciative grasp of history, any history, enables one to develop empathy, not only for those in distant lands, but for those in distant times as well. Our cultural, religious, intellectual, and technological history is rich – and well deserves our understanding and appreciation. A good grasp of history may also help us understand that ideas, movements and events have antecedents as well as consequences. If we are called, as Christians, to influence our world, it helps to understand it.

The journey through world history is a fascinating and enjoyable ride. I have profited immensely from exploring this story…I hope you will too.

Please begin by downloading the course syllabus and reading it carefully. Then, be sure to work through the Jessup Online Orientation so you will be completely prepared to start our class on Day 1. Finally, please tell us a little something about yourself in the Introductions Forum. I will do the same!

With high hopes for your academic success,

Rex Gurney, PhD

Chair, History Department WJU