The Archives War

Angelina Eberly Fights Back

Angelina Eberly Fights Back

In the spring of 1842, Mexican forces entered Texas lead by General Rafael Vasquez upset about Lamar's administration actions. 700 Mexican solders attacked San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Texas were fearing that Mexican forces were going to attack Austin. Because of this, Houston ordered all government archives to be taken out and far away from the capital. The residents didn't agree with his decision. They formed a vigilante " Committee of Safety" and warned the government leaders that if they moved any archives they would be met with arms. When officials came with wagons to take the documents, they were forced to surrender. Angelina Eberly led people to fire at officials loading wagons with documents. Only a few shots were fired before officials gave up the papers to avoid canon shots. The papers remained in Austin, untouched, until 1844 when Austin became the capital again.

Angelina Eberly

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Angelina Eberly moved to Texas in 1822. She married J.C Peyton, but he died 1834. She then married Jacob Eberly in 1836. By 1842 she had a hotel in Austin. When she found out about the people taking records, she acted right away.