Job in Highschool-Yes or No

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YES, People in Highschool Should Get a Job

It would be good for people to be in highschool to experience responsibility and to experience new things. When they get a job they could learn new things and make new friends. As they go on with their job they will mature and learn how to be an adult and set priorities. After work they will most likely be tired and not stay up as late as most people in highschool do.
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NO, People in Highschool Should Not Get a Job

Students in highschool should not get a job in highhschool. The students will focus more on their job than their education.They will be stressed over their job and their studies. The fact that they have two similar but different things to at a certain time it will make them stress. The truth is that they will care more about their job because they want to experience it and are curios. It is probably the most money that they have ever made so they would care more about the new thing.