Egypt News

31 B.C.

The Last War Effort

The Roman armies have taken the sun-blaze pass! Please take precaution and barricade your doors and windows. Prepare your children over the age 10 to protect the palace. All guards and soldier must report to help our platoons in the front lines. Long Live Queen Cleopatra.

Pharaoh Dedication

This article is a dedication to the past pharaohs and there accomplishments.

Rameses I


Ramesses II

We honor these great pharaohs while they look over us as Gods during our time of struggle.

Cleopatra Interview

Reporter- "Good evening everyone. With me today is our loving pharaoh, Cleopatra."

Cleopatra- "Hello my royal subjects."

Reporter- "Is it true that you are a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty?"

Cleopatra- "Yes I was part of that family in Macedonian Greek.

Reporter- "When did you become Pharaoh?"

Cleopatra- "I became your pharaoh after Alexander the Great's death during the Hellenistic Period."


Since the war started, the royal guards have been very busy defending Egypt, and have not been able to protect the great pharaoh Khufu's tomb. If you notice any suspicious activity, please report to the nearest official.
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This new art piece was a great addition to the royal collection.


A new shipment of Bananas is told to be arriving soon in Giza. 25 bananas for 10 silver coins.


Get ready everyone, a sand storm is predicted to be coming around due to harsh winds. Please take shelter and cover your faces with cloth. This is not a drill.


All farmers be warned. A locus swarm was seen by traveling merchants near Herakloipolis. Please put all crops into shelter, and get your livestock to safety.

Bob's Fishing Inc.

Hey everyone, my name is bob. If you are looking for some good fish, come on down to Bob's Fishing Inc. located in Memphis.

The Romans Expand

The Roman Empire has finally conquered our beautiful city of Thebes and Hierakonpolis. The city of Elephantine is under attack as you read this. If you have any resources for our fellow Egyptians, please send it to Elephantine.