The Ultimate Ancient Civilization

About the founders,

Sanjay Parackel,

Sanjay is one of three people who originally discovered Sanpal, he discovered it after leaving his home due to a drought, and he had almost given up hope. When he got to this wonderful location he thought what a good idea it would be to start a civilization. He is largely credited in creating what many historians believe to be, "The ultimate ancient civilization."

Alex Arrow,

Alex is a brave boy he ran way from his home to prove to his dad that he can talk care of himself and take care of others. With this civilization (Sanpal) he could prove to his father that he could take care of himself and more.

Nate Linder,

Nate Linder is one of the 3 co-founders of Sanpal. His journey starts in York PA, when his parents went on a journey to kentucky. His parents had come home from the journey and said that it was a lot of fun and an amazing experience to go on that journey. ever since that trip, Nate had always wanted to go on an expedition just like his parents he ended up meeting Alex Arrow and Sanjay Parackel.


The social classes in Sanpal are very non-biased. There are four social classes in Sanpal. The first social class is all government officials. This social class includes jobs like Firefighters, Tax collectors, President of the country, and any job that is run by the government. The second social class is called Edutribe. This is the social classes that requires an education. This class includes jobs such as: doctors, teachers, and engineers. Third social class for Sanpal is called Non-edutribe. This is the social class that requires no collage education to do. Some of the jobs include trash collector, bank teller, and a surveyor. The next social class is called the cell-tribe, simply because who ever is in it lives in a cell of a jail. This social class is at the bottom of the social classes.

All of the social classes have the same rights and rules. The only exception is that anyone in the cell-tribe can't vote and must be under a parol officer at all times.


This is our writing. This is the unique way that we communicate with people around our civilization. It was created by one of the founders of Sanpal. Two of the social classes use writing which is the government officials, and Edutribe. Another thing we use writing for is our citizenship test. This is how you would enter if your not around from here. As you can tell writing is used in most of our civilization.


Main God: Atchizions

Info: He is a very ancient being that was created along with the rest of the world. He was created as the guardian of life, and his goal is to preserve it. He does this by causing crops to grow, igniting the great star, (the sun) and destroying evil. He will never get angry with all of humanity, and only individual criminals. If he is angry with you, you will be cursed with incredibly bad luck. This results in things such as sickness and crops dying. If he is pleased in someone they are blessed with wealth and a long prosperous life.

Beliefs: Good and bad fortune

Info: Belief in Atchizions leads to many great things, and the people of Sanpal believe that their civilization became as successful as it is because of Atchizions. They think that things such as believing in Atchizions and spreading his word across the world lead to good fortune. While disobeying the governments laws lead to bad fortune. Here is a dance to represent good fortune. (After Dance) - Would anyone like to try and get some good fortune with the dance?

Main Holiday: The Day of Life

The main religious holiday of Sanpal is the day of life. It is held on March 20th, (modern day calendar), and celebrates the day when Atchizions awakens from the long winter and brings life back to the land of Sanpal. The people of Sanpal celebrate this holiday with feasts and the planting of crops. Crops planted on this day will be blessed by Atchizions, and that means that they will grow extra well.

Below is the symbol of Atchizions

Big image


The type of government that the civilization has is a democracy. How a democracy works is when a new rule or bill is passed, everyone in the democracy must vote and the majority of the government wins. The government is very special because in takes into consideration of more than just one person's thoughts. some of the rules: #1: No Killing, rule #2: Respect officers because if you hurt them in any way or you will be punished with a jail sentence or death. Rule #3: Don't do damage to anyone's property or else the owner gets to choose replacement or payment, and if the item is not replaceable then you own your life to them. Rule # 4: No stealing ever. if you did steal your arm will be cut off, but if you are caught in the action you will be smacked on the head with that of which you were going to steal. Rule #5: you must give one meal to a homeless person every month or either give 10% of your income a year. That is Sanpals Government.


Our civilization is a big place. we live right in the middle of 3 of our main rivers. Which are the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela. With this advantage we can grow crops and we can get fresh water. And another advantage is we have rocks, which can be made into weapons, tools, and shields. One disadvantage is frequent snowing during the winter.


The two main peices of architecture in Sanpal are the floating castle and the fountain of Atchizions, click on the YouTube link to learn more about these buildings. This YouTube video was made using Explain Everything.

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