Controversy in the Balkan Peninsula

AJ, Desiree, Fatima

The Conflict

Yugoslavia was made up of ethnic and religious groups that had been rivals throughout history. There are the Serbs (Orthodox), Croats (Catholics), and the Albanians (Muslims).

Because of the high number of ethnic groups in this region, it eventually became an issue. The ethnic group groups began to fight over the control and power each of them wanted to contain, leading to genocide, or ethnic cleansing.

The Worlds Reaction

The United States Launched diplomatic efforts aimed at unifying Bosnian Muslims and Croats against the Serbs. Also, about six Muslim towns were established as safe havens under the watch of the U.S. The United States with its new president, Bill Clinton, who had promised during his election campaign in 1992 to bring a stop to the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia, had issued an ultimatum through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) demanding that the Serbs withdraw their artillery from Sarajevo. The Serbs quickly complied and NATO-impose
cease-fire in Sarajevo was declared. Safe Havens were built al over Europe because of this infamous series of events.

Current Conditions in the Balkan Peninsula

The physical conditions of the Balkans are the are very rocky with multiple rivers running through it. They have a mild Mediterranean-type of climate and are humid in the northwest and the northeast, but have a dry summer period in the southern and coastal areas.

How did Milosevics reign end?

Milosevic was the president of Yugoslavia from 1997-2000. There was a protest for him to resign and be removed as president, by thousands of people in the area of all ages. they believed he was only doing them harm. This is when he resigned as president in the year 2000. Milosevic had signed a cease fire, which he signed just as easily as he broke the agreement. Milosevic was starting a war with Slovenia and Croatia and a few other countries as well. He was arrested in 2001 on suspicion of corruption abuse of power, and embezzlement. His case lasted 5 years, until he died of a heart attack in his prison cell in 2006.

Essential Question - What was the Balkan conflict and how did it lead to peace and freedom in Eastern Europe?