What happens online doesn't always stay online

What is it about?

Backlash is a story about a girl, Lara, who gets bullied online by a young man named Christian. She got so upset about it that she had tried to commit suicide but luckilly the pills did not work. Come to find out hes not even a real person its her ex-best friend. Backlash is an amazing book that has many twist.

what and why was it powerfull?

I found a few powerfull parts but my favorite one was she figured out that he wasn't real. It said "i thought my would had already shattered when christian sent me that message, but i relize now thats only the appetizer, the prelude to this moment, which is the main course." then it goes on to "because chirstian isn't even real. He's fake. i tried to kill myself over a boy who doesn't even exist. ots offical. i am the stupidest person alive." then it has a nice ending of "and i wish, even more now, that i were dead." i found this powerfull because she had showed that she wished the pills would have worked.