Manuel Noriega

By: Paul Toscano


Noriega was born in February 1938 and wanted to go to medical school. His family could not afford it therefore they sent him to military school. He turned out to be an outstanding military student. Shortly after he graduated, he became the captain of the Panama national guard. He was also working with the US and CIA. By helping them get crewmen from Cuba that were captured. However even with his extreme knowledge he was extremely selfish and cruel to his people. During the time he was involved with the US and CIA he was also involved in drug trafficking. In 1987 Noriega was suspected of gun trafficking, murder and torture of his people. Panama wanted him out of power and he tried desperately to stay. But finally the U.S got involved and captured him. He was sentenced to 40 years of American prison and he remains there today.

Noriega Attempts to Press Charges on Activision

Creative Piece


I Manuel Noriega am writing this lawsuit to Activision because I do not appreciate the fact that I am a character in your latest video game. I understand that the campaign mode takes place in the late 80's which is when the U.S. was involved with me. Even though the story is true, all the characters are fake except for me which I do not tolerate. I am willing to take this to court and press charges on you for reviling my true identity.

Manuel Noriega

Essential Question:

How does Noriega compare to Mao and Stalin?