HD 40307g

Adrianna King

Life On This Exoplanet

This planet is ranked up in the top 10 of possible habitable planet, making it one of the safest to sustain life on. The length of its year is 198 days which is significantly shorter than that on Earth. The diameter is about two times that of the composition of Earth. Itś also 56 million miles from its sun. The average temperature is currently unknown. The length of a day on HD 40307g also is not known. However, there is likely to be a day and night cycle as there is on Earth. The average temperature is 48 degrees F. Since I'm 15 years old on Earth, I would be 27 (almost 28) on HD 40307g. The "g" force on this planet is approximately 1.74269137931 x 10^24. The distance from Earth is 44 light years away. If I was on this planet, I'd weight 331.7 kg. It would take approximately 440 years to get to this planet while traveling at 0.1C. I would be 455 years old by the time we got there.

Three more facts:

1.) The gravity on HD 40307g is twice that of Earth's.

2.) HD 40307g is a very rocky planet.

3.) Its constellation is Pictor.

Three possible problems

1.) Considering it's so rocky, it may be hard to create housing.

2.) The average temperature is rather low.

3.) There could be a lack of water that we aren't aware of.

How to overcome these problems:

1.) We could bring machinery to help us with the problems with the rocks.

2.) We could create a new heating mechanism to help us from getting cold.

3.) We could easily bring large supplies of water.

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