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The muscles are well supplied with blood

"In addition, the muscles are well supplied with blood." Tight chest muscles can loosen and mobilize by the arms swung back against the water resistance of the water before and.

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The sport is also suitable for the elderly - Older people can train their coordination with a buoyancy belt by practicing on one leg without fear of falling down or standing lunges. The bow falls on land, described Lehmann. Few medical conditions militate against the Aqua Training: a non-long of past heart attack or an acute herniated disc about. Even with certain neurological diseases, it is not suitable.

Best to ask their doctor interested. In any case, they should inform the coach, so that if necessary can adapt exercises. Neck and back pain maltreat many office workers even after work. Professionals can best avoid these painful side effects of their job, by respecting the office everyday to exercise and not all have as telephone or printer in the grip area. The eyes are dry, back aches - Whoever leaves the office, you can enjoy your evening celebration bad. But against tension after work, there is a recipe: four simple fitness exercises for the office to follow suit. Who toils daily in the office knows the problem. After hours of painful neck or back - some also complains of a mouse arm. Often the reason is lack of exercise, says Wolfgang Panter, President of the German Association of operational and business practitioners.