Cells Organelles

by: Najae' Thompson

Plasma or Cell Membrane

  • The Cell Membrane description is like a screen door it lets certain things in.
  • The cell membrane is made of protein and phospholipids.
  • The function is to protect the cell from its surroundings.
  • The cell membrane is located in BOTH animal and plant cells.


  • Clear, thick, jellylike material
  • Organelles found inside cell membrane

  • Function:Supports and protects cell organelles
  • Cytoplasm is in both cells.


  • Descriptions: Large, oval, holds DNA
  • Functions: Controls cell activities & contain the DNA material of the cell
  • Nucleus located in both cells.

Nuclear Membrane

  • Descriptions: Surrounds nucleus
  • Function: controls material entering & exiting the nucleus
  • nuclear membrane is located both cells.


  • Description: Found inside the cells nucleus
  • Function: make ribosomes
  • Found in both cells


  • Descriptions: Paired structure neat the nucleus
  • Function: Separate chromosomes pairs during cell division(mitosis).
  • Found in animal cells


  • Descriptions: Is made of DNA, RNA, and nuclear proteins.
  • Function: are to package DNA into volume to fit in the cells.
  • found in both cells.

Golgi Appartatus

  • Descriptions: Stacks of flattened sacks, pancakes.
  • Function: Modify protein made by cells
  • Golgi Appartatus ia in both cells.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

  • Descriptions: Connects to Nuclear envelope & Cell Membrane
  • Function: Carried materials through cells.
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum is located in both cells.


  • Descriptions: Peanut Shape, Double Membrane
  • Function: Breaks down sugar molecules to release energy.
  • Mitochondria located in both cells.
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  • Descriptions: A green, oval shape.
  • Function: Chloroplast uses energy from sun to make energy for the plant.
  • Chloroplast located in plants.


  • Description: Round and very small, with a single membrane
  • Function: Breaks down large food molecule into smaller.
  • lysosomes is found in both plant and animal cells.


  • Description: Are small, membrane enclosed organelles.
  • Function: Absorbs nutrients, and is very good at digesting fatty acids.
  • Peroxisomes is located in both cells


  • Description: Fluid-filled sac, and the largest organelle in the plant cell.
  • Function: Stores food, water, toxic waste
  • Vacuole is located in both cells


  • Description: A jelly like rectangle that contains micro-tubes.
  • Function: Strengthen cells & maintain the shape, moves organelles within the cell.
  • Located in both cells.