WEEE and recycling

where does our old electrical waste go?

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What is WEEE?

when we get new electrical devices, what do we do with the old ones? we thrown them away. Many devices have components that can be recycled into something else . For example the gold ring in a games console can be melted down to make jewelry. WEEE was made law in February 2003. Before this law came about our old electrical waste was just put into landfill sites and this caused high pollution and released toxic chemicals into environment. so the environmental agency talked to the government and then they made it law to not throw away old electrical items, instead of electrical items being thrown away they are shipped to developing countries.

Recycling old electrical items

when we don't want want our old electrical items, what do we do with them?. we used to throw them away but now the government have made it law that we must recycle our electrical waste. you can take your old electrical waste to your local electrical waste recycling. if you don't know where your local center is you can find it using this website www.recycle-more.co.uk. now you know how and where to recycle your old electrical items.