Jackson Jetliner Week of 9/12/19

Jackson Movie Night Volunteer and Topping Sign up

Join us for Jackson Movie night, Friday, Sept. 27th. We are looking for volunteers to set up, run concessions and tear down and also to toppings. Ice cream will be provided. Sign up here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJczbfEvVXKgqgKcXY6UEcS17tniOefwsneGQJ192GwXSFNw/viewform

Wanted: Jackson Running Club Coach

Jackson Running Club is looking for a new program coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year. Our previous coordinator will be on travel for a good chunk of the fall season and is looking for someone to step up for the year.

Typically running club is two days a week and runs Mid-September through the Marion Turkey Trot in November and then 4-6 weeks in the spring. For the running club to happen we need a coordinator in place by next week.

*Duties include student supervision and putting together a training schedule twice a week and notifying parents of weather.

*The coordinator sets practice times and days

*You do not have to be a runner to coordinate!

This is a fun volunteer position and a great group of kids. If you are interested please email Emmaly at fenren03@gmail.com

Volunteer Registration

Yellow volunteer cards have been replaced with RAPTOR. Anyone volunteering at the school this year in ANY capacity, classroom, club or event, needs to register. This system also tracks volunteer hours so please be sure to always check out of the office when you are one volunteering.

Steps to sign up to volunteer at Jackson Elementary:

  1. Click on this link: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTE5OTplbi1VUw==

  2. Fill out the Application completely, with your legal name

  3. You are able to select schools that you would like to volunteer at - include any/all buildings that you will be a volunteer in/with

  4. You will receive an email to confirm you access to Raptor - please set up your online portal at that time

  5. The next time you arrive at Jackson - have your ID scanned to finalize your information in the system. Then you no longer need your ID as everything will remain on file.

  6. Be sure to check-in and check out with the office when coming and going as a volunteer.

  7. Through your portal, you are able to log any at-home volunteer hours at your convenience.

Contact amberdawnblomme@hotmail.com if you have any questions. THANK YOU!

Register for PTA, Volunteer Opportunities and Student interests

Missed the PTA table at the Open House? No worries! Follow the link below to:

1. Register for PTA

  • Dues can be paid to Jackson Office or at the first PTA meeting in September
  • Dues are $8/ Individual or $15/Couple
  • First PTA meeting is Tuesday, Sept 3 at 6-7pm. Free childcare provided.

2. Volunteer Interests

Please know that signing up for an event DOES NOT fully commit you to it. We are just generating an interest list and as these events draw closer we will send out an email to those who show interest through this survey to see who is available and in what capacities. Volunteers are what makes Jackson such a great community and there are opportunities for both working parents, stay at home parents and both with a boatload of little tagalongs or big middle and high school helpers.

3. Student Groups Interest

The survey also lists extra circular activities at Jackson. Again this does not sign up students, but we will pass along the contact information so the group leader can reach out to those who are interested.

Click here for PTA Registration, volunteer opportunities and student groups.

Infinite Campus is replacing the old Powerschool, School Fees & Canvas

If you still need to register your student and pay fees, both can now be done through the new Infinite Campus system.


Each parent should have received an email titled "Campus Parent Portal Account Activation". This email has detailed instructions on how to set up a parent account, including a unique activation key. There is also a corresponding app that can be downloaded after the account is set up.


Fees can now be paid online in Infinite campus. Click on the three bars in the upper left-hand corner and go to "fees". You can add the fees to the cart for the corresponding student named on the right.

Need Help or Incorrect Information?

Many parents are finding additional information, students not in their families, missing students or other issues. To report these issues the district has set up this link. http://ow.ly/NXnm50vyzWS

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Easy Fundraising

Check out the information below about the BoxTop and SCRIP programs to raise money for Jackson. Full PDFs can be download at the bottom of this newsletter.
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