MoonLight BabySitting

By:Sarah Barnes

About the program

We take care of your child while your at work or going out for the night, we want to take care of your child. The moonlight baby sitting is the best babysitting company we do the best to our abilities to take care of your child in all his/her needs. We love children and we work all week.


  • It’s Free. Probably the number one reason people participate in a babysitting exchange is because it is free.
  • Builds Relationships. You can really strengthen your relationships with your friends by getting involved in babysitting.
  • Social Interaction. Your child will get plenty of social interaction with other adults, which can prepare them for attending school and having another adult in charge.


  • Baby-sitters are needed sporadically. There is no regular schedule and are often called upon last minute. The jobs can occur once and then never again. It all depends on whether the employer ever needs a baby-sitter again and if he was happy with your work with his children.

  • he hours of a baby-sitting job could be at any time during the day. If a baby-sitter limits the hours of her availability, the amount of work is decreased. Also, a baby-sitter needs to be ready for long night hours. Most baby-sitters are needed to watch children at night while the parents take in a movie, dinner or attend a work event.

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