Ancient Mesopotamia

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Weather emergency

In the two areas of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers it usually over flowed on to farmers' crops, and also flooded the land. Droughts were common most of the time. So the weather was pretty harsh and hard to grow crops on. Although harsh it had what many settlers needed to survive: water, and land on which food can grow.

The two rivers made it possible for early settlers to survive on the land alongside them. When the floodwaters drained back into the river a layer of silt remained. The silt made the land suitable for growing crops.

The weather is pretty flip-floppy. So one minute it was good, then the next it all jurassic.

Agricultural Update/ Amazing new way

The early people in Ancient Mesopotamia had to hunt for their food and fight for survival. Some ways of how they got their food were to get the water from the rivers to their fields at just the right time.The farmers are going to have to build their shelter and plant their crops closer to the two rivers, because it's closer to the richest soil. So in thet case they had to learn how to tame the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It's mostly about how they get to know the rivers.