Q2 Opening Day RACE event!

April 6th-10th and 13th-17th for master apps

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In honor of the Major League Baseball season kicking off in April and the start of the 2nd Quarter I figured we might celebrate that fact with a RACE event!

We are definitely seeing an upward trend in premium for those reps that are actively participating in the RACE events. They exist to give a little more incentive to go above and beyond your normal activity. A strong week of Marketing at the beginning of every month can really give lift to the remaining weeks!

So, How does it work?

1. Each DM appointment you set, advances you 1 base. In baseball you only score when you cross home plate, so likewise, you will only score a run when you cross home plate. Week 1 is going to be all about appointment setting (and master apps if you get one). Week 2 is going to be just about getting master apps from the previous week. So, we are extending the RACE slightly to see the fruit of your hard work week 1.

The person with the most "Runs" at the end of business Friday April 17th, will win the grand prize.

2. A master app is considered a homerun and is worth an automatic "run". If you set an appointment THIS week AND get a master app from that group it's worth 2 runs.

3. A master App w/business written the same week will be a grand slam worth 4 runs.

4. If you set 2 appointments per day (10 during the week) you will get a bonus run for the week.

-That's not all. There is also going to be a district component to this as well. Each district must have a total of 10 DM appointments set in order for any individual rep to win the grand prize.

-Even though the RACE is based on appointments, regular reporting is required. Please turn that in to me no later than 8:00 am the following morning. No report/late report = no points. GO HERE to access the form.

-The individual who wins with the most runs will receive a $75 gift card of their choice.

-The district with the most DM appointments set will win a $75 Geiger store gift card. (Colonial Life Swag,)

What's the fine print?

*All applicable winnings will be added to the winners year-end 1099.

*Even though the RACE is solely based on appointments, regular reporting must be to me no later than 8:00 am the following day for the points to count. No report/late report = no points.

*Appointments set with a broker or brokerage firm do not count UNLESS the brokerage will be offering Colonial Life as a new account. However setting appointments THROUGH an active broker with businesses DO count.

*A DM appointment is a 15-20 minutes SET time with the decision maker of a business whereby you deliver the Colonial Life DM presentation.

*A "master app" is considered a New Account Information Sheet and does not have to be from an appointment set that week.