Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of October 2, 2017

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • RtI Meetings with Ms. Maynard ALL WEEK
  • Wear a BLUE SHIRT for Bully Prevention on Monday, October 2
  • Interventions Worksheet due in Google Drive on Tuesday October 3 **See Captain's Note**
  • Region 12 Math Observations on Tuesday, October 3
  • TAIR Conference on Tuesday, October 3
  • CDMC Meeting on Tuesday, October 3 at 4:15 pm **One representative from each grade level must attend
  • CTCTM Fall Meeting (MATH) on Tuesday, October 3 at 5:00 pm at Marrs McLean Building at Baylor (See Mrs. Helton for more details)
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, October 4
  • Adopt A School Meeting on Thursday, October 5
  • Picture Day on Friday, October 6
  • Math PLCs on Friday, October 6

COMING UP! House Party Kick Off on 10/11; Family STEM Night on 10/12

Calendar Link:

Safety Drills Coming Soon!

We will be having October safety drills coming soon before weather gets nasty. The drills for this month are fire and tornado.

Math PLCs on Friday, October 6

During Friday's PLC, bring your low, medium, and high work samples from that week. These work samples should be the same assignment across the grade level, and you should decide this as a team ahead of time.

The expectation for PLCs is that everyone comes prepared with the necessary materials. Before each content PLC, you should decide as a grade level what assignment you will be bringing to discuss. At minimum, you should have a low, medium, and high example of the assignment. Other things that should be brought to the content PLCS include: PLC binder, lesson plans, and student data (when applicable). Lead teachers should have their future unit assessment and an outline of lesson plans to be discussed.

Subtraction With Regrouping Video

Due to some common misconceptions about subtracting, we have made this short video to explain how to represent subtraction with regrouping using place value pictures. Please watch to make sure that you are building a valid foundation for subtraction for our students.

From Your Captain

Our campus is committed to being a No Homework campus. We want students READING, READING, READING at home. You are welcome to send home practice activities but completion of these activities may not be recorded as a grade in TEAMS. If you have a student that needs to finish incomplete assignments, make arrangements with the student's family for him/her to stay after school and work with our assigned staff. Students should not have 5+ assignments to make up at the 3 or 6-week grading period.

Once grades have been finalized, you will need to complete your tab on the "Interventions" worksheet in the Alta Vista Data folder here:

This is due Tuesday, October 3.

We are having a high rate of recess incidents. Teachers should be spread out around the playground and not standing together in pairs or groups. Closely monitor students at all times.

Round 2 of Triad Observations should be planned. They are due October 25 (for faculty meeting). Observations only need to last 15-20 minutes. Complete 1 observation for both of your fellow triad members. Here is the form that should print and use to record your observations:


Reading Interventions start on Monday. There may be a few minutes of prep work before you start your lesson. This would include punching out cards to use for the lesson and putting them in a bag. Thank you for your assistance with this. Make sure complete intervention materials are returned at the end of the week.

Non-intervention students should continue their enrichment activities with the aides. Some students may be pulled out of this group or pushed into this group based on their need for reading/math interventions.

STEM Night Plans

Family STEM Night is Thursday, October 12 at 5:30 pm. All teachers are expected to attend. We have lots of great hands-on math/science activities, free take home projects, books, and Frito Pie! Please encourage your students to attend. We will be giving House Points for family attendance.

Check back here later next week for specific plans for each grade level:

Mrs. Helton will be delivering the science book to each grade level soon.

October Reading Challenge

Please show the video below to your class about our October Reading Challenge. The handout will be going home this week with our newsletter. We will be awarding House Points and reading "treats" to students who complete the challenge.

House Parties

We will kick off House Parties on Wednesday, October 11. See the link below for the structure and how points will be awarded (and the form for recording points).

Teachers will be awarding points based on the percentage of students that meet their personal math and reading test goals (based off district and STAAR results). Teachers will also be able to award points for behavior, effort, etc by filling out Anchored in Excellence forms.

Aides will be able to award points through Anchored in Excellence forms as well as cafeteria behavior.

Here is the schedule for our first House Party on Wednesday, October 11:

3rd Grade 8:30-8:55

2nd Grade 9:00-9:25

1st Grade 9:30-9:55

PreK 10:00-10:25

Kindergarten 1:15-1:40

4th Grade 1:45-2:10

5th Grade 2:15-2:40

We will be handing out the house shirts, leis, and drinks and getting everyone PUMPED UP!!

We will also be handing out first six weeks awards. We need teachers to complete the spreadsheet here and we will make the awards for you!

**Specials Teachers will need to select an outstanding student from each class for art, music, and PE and include their names on the spreadsheet.



Behavior Team Notes

Students cannot learn if they are not connected to the class. As academic demands increase, we are seeing an increase in behavior issues as well. Keep working on routines, procedures, and activities that connect you with your students, and connect your students with each other. Morning meetings should be happening in every class every morning. If you need help getting morning meetings started in your class, contact Ms. Freeman or Ms. Maynard.

If you have a behavior situation and need assistance, call the office or text the entire behavior team. If you just text one person, he/she may not be able to provide the assistance you need in a timely manner due to other interventions.

As per our campus behavior management plan, teachers should be calling parents about behavior issues. If you need to call someone from the behavior team to assist with an issue, then you need to follow up with parents. Mrs. Freeman and her team should not be making the first phone calls to parents in regards to ongoing behavior incidents.