Mont St. Michel

By Madiosn Zamora


The beautiful and ancient Mont St. Michel still stands and is one of the most visited places in France, past and present. The mont was once a gray place to learn. The medieval, gothic, castle like church.

Mont St. Michele's Past

According to Mont St. Michel is surrounded by high tides and quicksand. Also from the website it said 18 pilgrim deaths were recorded in 1318. And the mont served as a prison in the 15th century. Lastly Mont St. Michels was originally called Mont-Tombe. (Tomb on a hill)

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Recent Mont St. Michel

Most recent information provided by, is that Mont sSt. Michel is in France, the lower Normand region. The mayor is a man named Yenn Galton. The small island is 250 acres and has a population of 44.

Memorable times in Mont St. Michel

Facts from lists things from when Mont St. Michel was in its glory. Such as how it was a great place to learn in the 12th century. Also Mont St. Michel remained unconquered during the 100 Years War. Lastly the mont was one of the first monument to be classified as a UNECO world heritage site as far back as 1977

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Random Facts

A little more information and random facts about Mont St. Michel from such as 3 million people visit each year, and it's not just a churn on a rock is a whol midieival city. Also the only way to access the island is by boat or sand when possible.


Last but not least Mont St. Michel was a great place to learn and the castle like church has about 3 million visitors a year. Mont St. Michel is still making history to this day.

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