Influenced food choices

Kaylee Wheeler

Food meets physichal needs

•Food is needed to

–maintain vital functions

–provide energy for muscle movement

–build and repair tissues

•Food relieves hunger

•A hunger signal stimulates your stomach to produce hunger pangs

Appetite influences what foods you choose to ease your hunger

Cultural Influences on Food Choices

•One factor that affects food habits is culture

•Each culture that is part of U.S. society contributes unique customs and beliefs to the nation

•National origin

–U.S. immigrants often settled together based on nationality, resulting in regional specialties


–Certain food customs determine what and how people should eat

Fasting has long been a religious custom


–Holiday celebrations abound with food traditions

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Social Influences on Food Choices

•For many people, preparing and eating food are social activities


•Food choices are often a reflection of family values and customs


•You may feel peer pressure to eat the same foods your friends are eating


you may feel like you need to try something because of the commercials they put out there making look and sound really good

Pshcyoligical food needs

Different foods can put you in a good mood or bad, but being hungry will probably put you I a bad mood and vise versa

personsl prefrence

You might have a favorite food and a least favorite food, your favorite food would be your preference. You may have a different reason why its your favorite food it can be taste, color, smell and many more things like texture

Food Avalibality

different foods are available during different times of the year or different seasons, like strawberries are the best and in season during the summer. other fruits and vegetables are the same year round and always grow.

Social settings

When your at the movies you are going to want popcorn, when your at a baseball game you may want a hot dog, different places have different foods that are meant for that time