Project Self Descovory

By- Nina Butera

All About Me

My name is Nina Butera and I’m 12, born on March 29,2002, which means that my birth stone is the Aquamarine Bloodstone. I was born in Kigali, Rwanda which is in Africa. My family and I moved to America when I was 2 years old. I live with my mom, dad, 2 brothers, Blaise and Kevin, and 2 sisters, Adeline and Anais. My favorite cities that I've been to are New York and Canada. When I finish high school, I plan on going to college and major in medicine. My favorite sport is basketball and I’ve played it for 7 years now.

My Fmily Tree

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More About Me

Someone who has the most influence on me would be my mother because she is such a strong woman and she is always there for me. A tradition in my culture is that whenever someone is getting married, they have a ceremony where you wear traditional clothing and it’s basically when the bride’s family gives her away to start her own family. Something that makes me smile is when I see someone else smile or laugh. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite NBA player is LeBron James, he was drafted in 2003, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for 7 years, he left Miami after 4 years and returned to the Cavaliers, he has been in the NBA for 11 years, he has won 8 MVP’s, and he has won 2 championships.

The Year I Was Born

In the year I was born, 2002, the President of the United States was George W. Bush. The NBA champs were the Los Angeles Lakers. The top-rated television show was Friends. The Super Bowl winners were the New England Patriots.

The Day I Was Born

Interviewee- my mom

1. Where were you when you went into labor?

At home

2. What time was it?

It was during the night.

3. Who took you/my mom to the hospital?

My husband

4. Were you scared?

No, it was my 4th time.

5. Was anyone (besides the doctors and nurses) in the room when I was born?


6. Who was the first person to hold me? When did you get to hold me?

The nurse held you/ me firth then handed you to me.

7. What was the first thing you thought when you saw me?

I thought, “She’s so cute”.

8. Was there anything out of the ordinary about that day?

No, not really, but it was Good Friday.

9. What sticks out in your mind the most about the day I was born?

I was so happy.

10. How was my name picked? Who thought of it?

Both my husband and I, but my husband thought of it first.

My Values

I value many things in life, especially love, family, knowledge, loyalty, and education. I don't really value wealth, recognition, or power. I think that if you value those things, then in your life you wouldn't be as happy, and what's the point in life if you don't have happiness. I believe that everything happens for a reason. If you do something it'll have had meaning to your life in some way.