The Writing Process

By Jack, Kyle, Aidan, and Dagi

Pre Writing- A

Writing is more of a process than a product. Writing takes time and is reflection on your thoughts and time you took writing.Also it’s never a bad thing to take a break from your writing and come back a while later with a fresh mind, that brings new ideas to your writing.Always have a pre-writing which allows you to write down some ideas and drafts before you start writing your actual product.

Pre Writing - B

If you don't start off with enough information or have a lot of information, Brainstorming (or making a rough draft) can help you form a project even though it hasn't been completed yet.

If you are feeling blank over a topic, brainstorming will help create new ideas over the topic you’re on. Free writing is a technique you can use to brainstorm. Writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper and not caring how the words look or if your grammar is wrong can help save the brainstorm that you had and write it down later.

Pre Writing - C

Why make an outline before writing? - Organizes ideas, shows relationship in ideas, constructs a rough draft basically. It determines the purpose of writing, develop your thesis, and determine your audience. Your outline should cover the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion of your essay. To help transition easier, provide topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. The topic sentence should introduce a new idea that supports your thesis. Use supporting details to help back up your topic sentences.


  • Keep going back to your notes and the plans you made during prewriting.

  • Concentrate on organizing your information logically and developing your detail for your audience.

  • When you make new ideas you should always go back to prewriting to work with the new ideas.

  • If you get stuck on words just write some words down, you'll come back to it later.

  • The more harder the writing task,the more drafting you have to do.
  • Never procrastinate.
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Revision is the process of “seeing again”. Asking sure it's all spelled correctly, then your wrong because that is what proofreading called. You don't always produce your best product the first time around, thats why you can revise your work and always improve it and make fixes to make your writing better. Revising your paper can be just examining it to see if it is well proportionally balanced with other parts of your paper.


Editing and revising is always an important process after you’re done with your paper. Editing and proofreading are two different stages of revision. Editing is just as important as proofreading you need both to complete the task and paper.

Editing - A

Having a checklist is important to any written assignment because it helps you know what to put in the project. Knowing what to do can help your group complete a task as perfect as possible. If you have a checklist, you will not only complete the task, but be sure in your group that you all have done a good job. It will also remind you to check the rubric.