Titan Staff News

Week of October 12


Thank you for your time this morning in our staff meeting. I appreciate the attention and support you give to our students as they present and share their new learning with us. I cannot thank you enough for the team philosophy you all embody. One of the many things that makes Tidwell great is that we are a team. Much like the Blue Angels, you all work together for a common goal, each member doing their part...with significant outcomes. I know I say it often, but thank you for what you do.

Enjoy the weekend,
The Power of Teamwork Inspired by the Blue Angels

This Week at Tidwell

Monday, October 12

Tuesday, October 13
NISD Academy Recruitment (8th grade)
Dr. Faris Campus Visit (am)
8th Fball vs Fossil Hill MS (away)

Wednesday, October 14
PLCs - 8:00am
7th Fball vs Fossil Hill (@Texan Stadium)
Parkman/Gatlin @ NISL

Thursday, October 15
6th Grade Girls Fall Concert 7:00pm (cafe)
Lady Titan Vball vs Wilson (7th home/8th away)
Parkman/Gatlin @ NISL

Friday, October 16
Grade Level Team Mtg
PSAT (8th Grade)
8th Grade Band with BNHS Band

Important Information

  • TITAN CARDS - please ensure you have given yours to your Advisory class. There seems to be a rumor that we are not giving out Bronze cards this time, but that is incorrect. Students are able to earn Bronze cards for bringing up their grades.
  • Student Led Clubs/Organizations - Students wishing to form (or reform) a club will need to obtain a packet from the AP Office. The procedure for starting a club will now be: 1) Completion of Application with parent signature, 2) Obtain faculty sponsor with sponsor signature, 3) Initial charter membership of 10 students with parent signature, 4) Approval by campus Administrator. See Barker if you have any questions.
  • Save the Date - Costume Dance sponsored by Hospitality Club - Friday, October 23rd. Come join in on the fun!
  • Sweatin' in the PLCs - This week we are looking at our campus Instructional Focus (formerly know as the POP) and determining how we all work together to move instruction forward and increase student achievement. All PLCs will meet on Wednesday morning due to the Holiday on Monday.

Cornell Notes

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Learning Targets

Learning Targets Refresher

Please remember the following campus instructional expectations as it relates to the use of Learning Targets:

LTs are to be written, visible and accessible to the students daily. They can be written in an I Will/We Will format. LTs are not objectives, nor are they agenda items. They are to be written in student-friendly language using academic vocabulary.

As you plan for this week, reflect upon the following questions:
  • How do you plan for students to interact with the Learning Target each day?
  • What are the student outcomes (products) that show you and the student that they mastered the content?
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