Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson: Reason for Exploring

Henry Hudson made four voyages through out the span of five years. (1607-1611)

Henry made his voyages for two English company's,and a Dutch East Indian.


  • Henry Hudson had sailed on one of the four voyages because an English company, the Muscovy Company, asked him to find a northern sea trade root from Europe to Asia. , Hudson did reach the coast of Greenland and landed in Spitsbergen. He did not reach his intended destination because there were huge blocks of ice blocking the ship from getting through so he and his crew returned home.Later in 1608 Hudson and his crew tried again to complete this voyage in 1608, but did not complete it.
  • On Hudson's second voyage, in 1609 he was hired by a Dutch and Indian company. To make this voyage the company had given Hudson a ship which was name the Half Moon. Hudson and his crew sailed down the east cost of America on this voyage he explored the Chesapeake bay and also the Delaware bay.
  • Henry Hudson's final voyage was made in 1611. Hudson was supposed to search for a western outlet from James bay but got lost at sea in the middle of the ocean and was never to be seen again.

The map shows the routes the were taken by Hudson and his crew on his four voyages. The two triangles show the route that Hudson took twice. The lines that go form England over to the east cost of America shows Hudson's second voyage and all of the stops that were made along the way. The last line that ends in the middle of the ocean shows how on Henry Hudson's last voyage he got lost at sea.

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Dear journal, November 19, 1608

The past two voyages that I have taken have not been very successful. The voyages were made for an English company that asked me to find a new route to Asia from Europe. Both expeditions that I made were unsuccessful because my crew and I could not get past the huge blocks of ice floating in the middle of the ocean, so both times we had to turn around and go home. I was very disappointed with the out come of my first voyage.

December 1, 1609

Today my self and a new crew are off on a new voyage setting sail west to the new lands. We were hired by a new Dutch and Indian company who even gave the crew and I a new boat. I hope this voyage goes a lot better than my first one.