Benjamin Harrison

August 1833 - March 1901

Something you didn't know!

Benjamin Harrison is the only United States president from the State of Indiana and he was also the centennial president, (inaugurated 100 years after George Washington.)


Benjamin Harrison is the grandson of president William Henry Harrison and was only seven years old when his grandfather was elected. He grew up fishing and hunting with his eight siblings. During colleges he met lifelong friends in fraternities that later joined congress, he also joined the presbyterian church and became a lifelong member. He married his first wife Caroline Scott in 1853 and had two children. After his wife passed away he married his wife's secretary. He died from pneumonia.


After college Harrison practiced law, shortly after that he was elected as the Indianapolis City Attorney in 1856. Harrison served in the senate for six years


Signed the Sherman Anti-Trust act into law and successfully concluded a case against a coal company and was able to also initiate several cases against other trusts. He made strides for the civil rights movement, but there was little congressional approval. He dealt with the last major Native American battle (Wounded Knee) when 46 Sioux were killed, he created a policy that was later known to be detrimental to Native Americans because they sold most of their land to white people for a really cheap price. As president he kind of struggled a little bit, although he did beat out Grover Cleveland for his election, he then went back up against Cleveland for reelection and lost. Harrison was a one term president.

Campaign Slogan

"Grandfather's Hat Fits Ben" and "Trade, Trade, no free trade"
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Presidential Accomplishments

Signed the Sherman Antitrust act of 1890 into law. He also introduced a silver coins and a higher tariff both which was known to quicken the panic of 1893. Harrison supported bills that gave voting rights to African Americans in the South and made Frederick Douglass the Haitian Ambassador.

Presidential Failures

  • He was a one term President
  • Didn't back his own party when is came to national issues
  • During his presidency there were labor strikes

Post Presidency

After his Presidency he traveled the nation and gave law lectures, had a child with his deceased wife's secretary and married her.



  • Secretary of State - James G. Blaine (1889-92) andJohn W. Foster (1892-93)
  • Secretary of the Treasury - William Windom (1889-91)Charles Foster (1891-93)
  • Secretary of War - Redfield Proctor (1889-91)Stephen B. Elkins (1891-93)
  • Attorney General - William H. H. Miller (1889-93)
  • Postmaster General - John Wanamaker (1889-93)
  • Secretary of the Navy - Benjamin F. Tracy (1889-93)
  • Secretary of the Interior - John W. Noble (1889-93)
  • Secretary of Agriculture - Jeremiah M. Rusk (1889-93)

President today

If Benjamin Harrison was President today I feel as though he could not handle todays issues. The country has grown more complex and the issues have gotten more in depth. As being only a one term president, obviously he could not handle it then he would definitely not be able to handle it now.