Welcome Back 3A!

From your teachers Ms Maggie & Ms Anu

Dear Students,

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

We are Ms Maggie and Ms Anu, your teachers for this year. Here's a little something about us...

Hello! It’s Ms Maggie here and I am so excited to see you guys! This is my second year in Singapore and IIS since moving from England, but I still haven't fully adjusted to the weather yet. It's so hot here!!! I have just returned from Hong Kong after spending Christmas there, which was nice and cool. I visited Disneyland and Ocean Park and cannot wait to share my holiday memories with you all.

Hi Grade 3! Ms Anu here. I am excited to be your teacher this year. Ms Maggie and I are going to have lots of fun learning with all of you. I was born and raised in Singapore. I speak English, Mandarin and Tamil. My favourite local food is Chicken rice. I have 2 pets, a dog and a cat. My dog, Milky is 3 years old and my cat, Colby is 1 years old. Do you love animals? I can't wait to spend the year learning and growing with all of you. Don't forget to bring your stories and super smiles with you when you come back!

See you guys on the first day of school on Monday 25th January!

Ms Maggie and Ms Anu