Claymorian Times

26-8-2013 By Marcus Uren

Black van plummets of bridge into claymore springs.

There was a drug deal gone wrong, a litle person by the name of the drug dealer is Prospero but his associates it is prop. \\As the black van stopped due to there being a little child in the middle of the road, Fred got out off the black van and said " What are you doing standing in the middle of the road " the little child turns around and asks " do you wanna buy any drugs" , before Fred could say anything a bus had smacked the black van head on which caused it to fall of the side of the bridge, before Fred did anything he said " hey my maccas were in their ", the bus had speed away after hitting the black van, there are four missing people king of airds ( which is the king for drugs ), the other peoples names are alen and bob, bill. those four are missing, the van has not been recoverd yet, after it fell off the bridge it floated down river, we think i might end up at goerges river, the question is, are there any survivers. If you have any infromations about this acident or anything related plz contact this site by email or call crime stoppers.