Life is not always going to be fair

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What is Credit ?

Well credit is money that you could borrow from the credit union. The money is not free but its something you could borrow when you don't have the money to purchase what you need.Now paying it back is a what you have to do in order to make your credit score better. Better credit score more money you may borrow in the future.

There is More To Credit Then You Think

Credit also has Penalty fees that they are able to charge you with if you are over due on making payments on your credit.Annual Fees witch you pay as you borrow money. The Interest rate is the yearly cost that you borrow, if your late it goes up,so don't be late stay on top of your credit always.Your credit limit , is the amount of money your allowed to borrow, should be highly high if you keep up and make payments and finish paying on your credit.Stay on top you get more money.

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