How To Become... A Nurse

Created by: Shawn Sarmiento


Have you ever felt like being a doctor was too much for you or that doctors are a too complicated job? And do you need advice for taking the role as a nurse or how to get a head start in nursing before getting the profession? Well here is the place to answer those questions. This is where I will show you why nursing is my dream profession.
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Head start Education on Nursing

Here are some tips to be more successful in being a nurse. First you can go to these classes while you are in high school for a head start in nursing.

  1. Take Math for 3-4 years (including algebra and geometry) because you will need to find a sum, difference, product, or quotient when finding how much grams to inject to the patient. You wouldn’t want to out to much of the medicine in the patient.

  2. Take English for 4 years which is required.You will need this class to speak English if you didn’t know how to speak it already.

  3. Take Science for 2-4 years and take Social Studies for 3-4 years. You will need this to know about the body parts.

  4. Take foreign language classes (advised but not required for your head start on learning nursing) so you can speak a certain language so that your patient is more comfortable with you since you know how to speak their language or dialect.

  5. According to my interviewee, she says that you also have to have a Bachelors degree in Science for Nursing.

  6. I would also advise you to read books about the human body while still in 3rd to 8th grade so that you at least know what each body part is.
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Casual day to day schedule of a nurse

A regular nursing schedule is pretty easy if you think about it. While interviewing my interviewee she says that you really just have to wake up, go to work, work for the time that you were assigned to, and come back home. But I can show you what my interviewee regularly does when she goes to work.

  1. First she wakes up from her slumber.
  2. Next she gets ready for her day/night.
  3. Then she drives to the hospital that she was registered in.
  4. She then goes to work and clocks in (it means to swipe her/his ID on a machine to get in.
  5. Next she gets report from the out going shift.
  6. Finally, she can start working on her patients.
My interviewee said that while you are working you will be probably assessing patients,critically deciding what is good or what is best for them and call the doctor if needed, giving medication, or make the patient(s) comfortable. Finally once she is done working the time that she was assigned by her manager she can go back home and relax (or whatever her mind desires to do).
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Pros in my job

One pro that is in my job is Florence Nightingale. She was famous for being the founder of modern nursing. She picked this special job because she had to help the wounded soldiers that fought the Crimean war. She was given the name “Lady of the Lamp” for the rounds of soldiers she attended many nights during 1853-1856. She won many awards because of her kindness and generosity like the Royal Red Cross Awards.
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So after this article you have learned what classes you take before you get the job, the day to day schedule of a nurse and pros that is in my field. Nurses are the helping hand of life to keep everybody safe and healthy. In my opinion, it is one of the best careers in the world besides a physical therapist. Otherwise nursing is my dream career because I will be able to help people who are in need and especially when you get to see that the patient is better.
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