Pop Culture.

Television in the 1940s.

In the late 1940s, TV was a big product all around the United States. Television was first broadcasted in 1949, and in black and white. The broadcast only reached to a small parts of the east coast and was only for two hours. By 1954, 50% of movies were in color.

Later on in the year the government decided to build new stadiums and factories where low income homes were to be built.

The Improvements.

As the year went on more and more things were build and made. Dr. Jonas Sulk developed a cure for Polio. Which helped many people around the world not be sick anymore. And in other news, in California a new school was oped every seven days. Which helped many kids get the education they need to get a good job and keep the money flowing through the United States.

Some technology used by the people in the 1940s.