Chemistry in My Life

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Part 1: Accessing resources


To access the databases log into your BYOD page:

*Make sure you have the passwords to access the databases from home. From school, no passwords are needed.

The best places to start are listed below, but make sure to look at other databases, as well.


For more information on how to Google like a boss, view the information on this page.

Also consider:

  • Search tools
  • News

Remember: You can't use Wikipedia - or can you? Ask Mrs. McVeigh for the secret.

Books & E-books

Click on this link to go to the visual lesson on finding a book in the library.

To access our Infobase ebooks make sure you record the password!

Part 2: Note-taking and collecting APA references

Taking Notes

Make sure your notes are organized. Some of these templates will help you with note and referencing management.

For more information on note-taking, check out this lesson.

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