Jewish Culture

By: Hyacinth G.

A New Beginning

Have you ever wondered how much you truly know about Judaism? When people hear the word "Judaism" they think about the Star of David. The truth is Judaism is about how they've changed since the Holocaust and their holiday "Hanukkah".

Judaism In The 21st Century

After the Holocaust, Jews converted into a non-European religion. With having Roman Catholicism and Protestantism as a religion, Judaism is one of the major American Faiths. When they decided to modernize, this led to the Reform of Judaism in the early 19th century in Germany. In the western part of Europe, Jews became in contact with a modern society in the midst of enlightenment.

Judaism Holidays

Over the triumph and faith of the Jews comes the miracle-making festival called Hanukkah. Hanukkah which is not a holy day but it does require fasting of praying, this holiday has been celebrated for thousands of years all over the world. The definition of Hanukkah in Hebrew is "education", the Jewish educators try to teach the kids that Hanukkah celebrates how the Jewish religion continues.

Every Ending Has An End

As you can see the real truth about Judaism is much more interesting and complex than you thought it probably was. Hanukkah is much more than a holiday and the modernism over the years for the Jews. Do you still think you know the real truth about Judaism?