Augusto Pinochet


Physical Characteristics

  • With the exception of his uniform and slight mustache Augusto did not have any intimidating physical attributes. He's not very tall and when in power relatively old.
  • Pinochet didn't have any personal magnetism that helped him be elected president. He gained his title making his way up the military ranks and then overthrowing President Salvador Allende with the power of the military. He had the complete power of the military as first in command, giving him the power to overthrow Allende

  • Pinochet was a Roman Catholic that was not a very intelligent leader. When Chile was approaching its inflation in its economy he ordered an economic "shock treatment" which put Chile in a depression almost as great at the Great Depression in America. In the 1970's when Chile was showing signs of recovery they had another recession.

Pinochet was skilled and intelligent regarding military, hence the success in his many years in the military climbing up the ranks. He didn't have many skills that would have helped him get elected. When giving a speech he was often very sincere with Chile's economy problem as if it affected him, and was very confident and convincing that he would end Chiles depression.
Augusto Pinochet lacked many leader qualities and therefor was not able to recruit other leaders and followers. In fact the Spanish and British government both wanted him arrested for the cruel torture and murder of many Spanish and British citizens. His nation even voted against him when he demanded a vote from his people on weather or not he should remain in office, and the people voted 55% no.

Short Biography

Pinochet was born in Valparaiso, Chile on November 25, 1915. He went to his local schools his whole life and graduated from Chilean Military Academy in 1936. Starting at a career officer he rouse through the ranks at very quick rate. He fought over see and returned in 1956 and was promoted to a regimental commander. He wrote six books on geography and the war with Peru. During Allende's time in office Pinochet was first in command and had the power of the government to overthrow him. When in charge he brought Chile in to a depression and was responsible for torturing close to 30,000 men women and children if they were opposed to him. Resulting with an estimate of close to 10,000 deaths.
Аугусто Пиночет.Augusto Pinochet.wmv
In this speech, although its not in English, you are able to see his public speaking abilities. He is not very loud or enthusiastic but is still intimidating by speaking in monotone and wearing his military uniform. He does express a bit of sincerity at points to show he cares about there problems just like his people of Chile.

Essential Question

Was the ideas and policies of Augusto Pinochet beneficial towards the economy of Chile in any way?


My name is Augusto and I was born in Valparaiso

When in the military my movement up the ranks wasn't slow

After second in command I became the first

Then i wanted to become the best ruler on earth

Being first in comman I had the power of the military

to overthrow Allende which was a little scary

I tortured all those who opposed me

and killed those who had something to be

I put Chile in the biggest depression ever

or atleast one that Latin America has seen never

when i oreder the people to vote for their president

when they voted against me they weren't hesitent