US History Timeline

By: Carsen Medlin

Americanism 1776

1776 Declaration of Independence

1787 United States Constitution

First Ten Amendments- Bill of RIghts

Westward Expansion 1776-1890


Indian Wars

Homestead Act- Free Land

Reconstruction 1865-1877

13th Amendment- Abolished Slavery

14th Amendment- Citizenship for former Slaves

15th Amendment- Black Males Right to Vote

Gilded Age


Political Bosses

Business (monopolies & trusts) unsafe working conditions


Progressive Era 1900- 1914

Three Progressive Presidents

Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt)

Taft ( William Taft)

Wilson (Woodrow Wilson)

16th Amendment- Income Tax

17th Amendment- Direct Election of Senators

Imperialism 1872- 1912

Spanish American War 1898

Teddy Roosevelt fought with the Rough Riders

WWI 1914-1918

Woodrow Wilson- President

US joined in 1917 because of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

Between the Wars 1918- 1938

Roaring Twenties pf Jazz Age 1921- 1929

Flappers- women challenging morals

Prohibition- Organized Crime

18th amendment- Prohibition of Alcohol

19th amendment- Women's right to vote

21st amendment- Repealed Prohibition

Great Depression- President Hoover 1929- 1941

Stock Market Crash

Dust Bowl

New Deal- President Franklin Roosevelt 1933- 1939

WWII 1938- 1945

Franklin Roosevelt- President

US joined WWII after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

Harry Truman- President - Atomic Bombs

Cold War 1945- 1989

Iron Curtain

Korean War 1950- 1953

Truman/Eisenhower 1945- 1961

Kennedy/ Johnson 1961-1968

JFK- Cuban Missile Crisis- 1963

Civil Rights 1954- 1968

Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks

JFK assassinated 1963

LBJ- Civil Rights Act 1964, Voting Rights Act 1965

Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education

Vietnam War 1965- 1973

Domino Theory

Nixon/ Ford

Nixon- Impeached and resigned from office- Watergate

Ford- Pardoned Nixon

Carter/Reagan 1977- 1989

Iran Hostage Crisis- Carter

Fall of the Wall- Reagan 1989

Bush/Clinton/ Bush 1989- 2008

HW Bush- Desert Storm

Clinton- Lewinsky Affair

W Bush- 9-11 Attacks

W Bush- Iraq War