walk with me in rain boots

My water Shoes

Rain boot History

Author Wellesley, also known as the duke of Wellington,had took the hessian boot and modified it to his liking. They became very popular very quickly; they were called the Wellingtons. Then Hiram Huchinson had bought natural rubber from Charles Goodyear and turned the Wellingtons into the first rubber boots.


Dear Whoever is reading this,

Hi. My name is lily, and if you've been reading this book then you pretty much know what I do everyday. If not then too bad, go back and read it. No, no I'm kidding you should immediately put this book down. It's the summer time and it rained today. I was not one for going outside but it was raining, my favorite change of theme. I was reading a book, as usual, when plink...plink, and then just a whole bunch of them. I knew exactly what it was, so I jumped up and got my water, blue umbrella and rose, red rain boots. I checked to see if it was a storm, but nope, just a summer drizzle. Usually I like to run barefoot, but I just learned that you can sometimes get ringworm. When I made it outside it was so beautiful. The raindrops was twinkling, the sun was shining through the clouds, and little rivers were flowing down the drive way. The first thing I did was experiment with the trees. I ran up to a flimsy, but sturdy-looking one, stood under it, held my umbrella up high, and kicked the tree. Next thing I knew my umbrella had rivers of its own. Then I went around splashing in the puddles and made little currents with my boots. By now it stopped raining so I laid my umbrella down and started running around on the pavement. But then I turned around and couldn't find my umbrella, so I panicked. I was running everywhere else looking for a water, blue umbrella. Not even checking back at that spot if I missed it. Thank god for those rain boots if not my pants would have been soaked. I went inside and told my mom about it and she stepped one step out the door and stopped; she told me to look out the door. There I saw a water, blue umbrella with a black handle. I totally missed it, by a long shot. My sister and I laughed about it so much.

Let me finish this later my mom is calling me.

(Like two hours later) Guess what? I tracked in rain boot prints in the house so I had to go clean it all up. All in all, it was a pretty fun day.

It's connection to my passion

When I was younger every chance I got I would play in the rain. The rain would be my life's "theme", if you can figure out what it means anyways. There are things that I can and cannot share, but I can say that every time I played in the rain I always got soaked.
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