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Last Sunday, the biggest & brightest Indian festival of the year, Diwali was celebrated around the globe. Deepawali, as it is also known (deep= light, avali= a row), is the festival of lights ; a celebration of the light of Truth over the dark veil of ignorance, the warmth of gratitude over the coldness of selfish desire & want. To celebrate, lanterns & candles are lit, friends & family gather to share meals, & time is spent cleaning & reorganizing around the house so that the light of Diwali can shine peace, prosperity & joy into every corner of the home.

I love the symbolism behind this special day so much that I spent the entire past week celebrating! Although I am not Hindu, Diwali served as the excuse I needed to commit to cleaning out some emotional clutter from my heart & mind, by way of my body, with daily vinyasa yoga practice & long walks with my son. It pushed me to make a more genuine effort at opening myself to new beginnings, new situations, new challenges with the same joy that I welcome loved ones into my home. And as the weather outside grew colder & more damp over the last week, it was the perfect reason for me take time to warm & brighten my inner landscape by lighting rows of tea lights in celebration of the many sources of inspiration & love in my life.

What will you do this week to keep your mood light & your spirit blissfully bright?

Here are few ideas to get you started!

Yoga = To Bring Together!

Reach out! Make new friends! Stay in touch! Spread the love!