Social Skills in the Library

Approaches to Learning in the PYP and MYP


follow our Essential Agreements and we...

Accept Responsibility

  • take care of materials checked out.
  • return books and other materials on time.
  • keep our library and shelves organized.
  • focus on tasks in the library and complete tasks appropriately.
  • understand our purpose for being in the library.

Respect Others

  • listen to others.
  • wait patiently when needed.
  • recognize and respect other people's choices and beliefs.
  • state our own opinions without hurting others.
  • are open minded

Cooperate with others

  • work cooperatively in groups or in pairs
  • are courteous to others using the library
  • share materials.
  • take turns.
  • problem solve and compromise with others.

Resolve conflict

  • solving problems by talking it out.
  • listen carefully to others.
  • compromise on decisions and materials.
  • react reasonably to situations in the library.
  • accept responsibility for ourselves and consequences.
  • are fair to others using the library.

Adopt a variety of group roles

  • understand what behaviour is appropriate in different library situations.
  • know when to be a leader or follower.