Marketing and PR (Press relations)

By Isaac Perry

Job role of a marketer

To you skills in order to promote the employers product or services, within this business you must do market research and analyse what is trending, as well as marketers must provide ideas in which improve the brand in order to make it more attractive and sellable, all of this is in order to make more sales thus reaching sale targets and profit margins.


Within this job role there are many responsibilities in which the person in question would have to either do or overwatch and these are;

  • Finding advertising opportunities
  • Leasing with designers and printers
  • Organising photo shoots
  • Public research
  • Liasing with printers/designers
  • Creating new market schemes
  • Managing budgets
  • Looking for improvements on previous marketing schemes
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Meeting campaign deadlines

With all of these factors combined a strong marketing scheme in which will bring up sales should work and if not the scheme should be re-evaluated and looking for improvements in which can be done next time, within this job communication skills are key with conference skills and meetings are a frequent occurrence, so organisation skills to organise are keys as well.

Skills needed

Within this job role many skills are key in order to thrive as these are what allow to you work work as beneficially as possible within this industry and these skills are;

  • Strong communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Team work
  • IT knowledge

These skills will allow you to grow higher up the marketing spectrum and work with different brand in order to gain more experience. As well as the skills already stated the person in question needs to have good interpersonal skills or if not needs to be able to adapt so that they come across as well as possible, interpersonal skills are more based around you built in characteristics rather than skills in which you learn, but these are gained through experience and knowledge.

Somebody without the skills stated will need to work on these if they want to go into marketing as these are what employers will be looking for within a person.

These skills can be gained via valuable work experience whether it be placements or shadowing, and this experience can be gained within most companies and this could also give a valuable lesson and allow you to break into the marketing industry.

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Salary and working hours

Marketing assistants earn £17,300- £19,000 pounds, and the higher up and more experienced you get then the higher you salary will also, the average salary is £45,021 pounds but businesses including alcohol and tv industries, the average salary of a marketing manager is around £38,000 pounds where as senior brand manager can on average earn around £48,000 pounds, one of the highest jobs within the industry is that marketing director role, and within this job they can earn £86,000 pounds a year and theres a potential to earn more also. Along with this some companies may offer privileges such as bonuses, gym memberships and company cars.

when its comes to working hours many day are 9 till 5, however some evenings may be needed if events or big marketing schemes arise, although saying this paid overtime is rare within this industry, however with regards to working periods part time jobs are available as well as the potential of short term contracts being offered.

What should be expected within this industry

Within this job vast amounts of traveling due to meetings happening frequently with different people, however over than the meeting office work is frequent within this business, however some within this industry may not specifically work for someone but be freelance in where they work short term for different companies, allowing people to work within different areas and gain more experience within the marketing job, however if living rural this may create difficulty due to the fact that most opportunities within this job role are based within the city due to many more shops needing to compete in order to catch customers attention.

Social Media marketer

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The role of a social media marketer is to build up the knowledge of the brand via different social media platforms, and also other methods such as video, blog posts as well as this the social media marker must suggest improvements on the online schemes to improve the public knowledge and want for the brand, within this job the social media marketer would work loosely with other teams in order to create something to the brands specification, people within this job role will need to keep up today with current internet and market trends making the product relevant in todays society.

New methods in which are found through the internet are given back to the client so they can use these beneficially to promote the brand, with incoming research also comes creation in which means that the social media marketers must assist banners and web visual designing. A vital skill within this job is time keeping and this is down to certain posts needing to be upload at different points throughout time periods.

Press and public relations

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Job Role

The role within this job is to create an understanding for the clients and to influence how the company in question behaves or on the opinions they have, but as well as this it is to create a positive idea surrounding then brand or person in question so that the media portraits them or it in a good light.


within this job advanced thinking is important as it allows you to plan future PR strategies, and many responsibilities need to be carried out in order for this role to work as beneficially in the public eye as possible responsibilities range;

  • as already said planning PR strategies
  • Engaging with people through social media
  • Finding sponsorship opportunities
  • Market research
  • Answering question through email and telephones
  • Creating press releases
  • Creating information to be uploaded to webpage/s

These jobs above would be common within the job of a PR (Press and Public relations,) theres a potential that other people within the work place would carryout some responsibilities and would be watched over by a higher member of staff, most of these task would be carried out in house, and some will be found within consultancies.

Skills needed

Within this job many skills are needed and these range with excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills being vital however many more are needed in order to thrive and these are;

  • Having an ability to cope under pressure
  • Being highly driven and flexible
  • Creativity
  • Good imagination
  • Good team work
  • Analytical skills
  • Current affairs knowledge

All of these skills need to be added together in order for pr to work to it s full potential and with this skills the responsibilities will work better also, however is some of these skills the person is unable to carry out then they will need to learn and improve upon them whether feeling uncomfortable or not.

In house PR

In house PR is when a person works for one specific brand and that had all there focus and these people are usually tied down to short term contracts, in house allows the PR officer to gain a greater understanding of the individual brand and these would usually work face to face.

Agency PR

Agency PR work with multiple brands doing the PR for them and these wouldn't be created through tae to face meeting more so that In house, Agency will be done through a messaging platform such as emailing, and this means your focus has to be spread throughout multiple brands, meaning multitasking within this job is key.

Salary and working hours

A graduate can earn within the region of £18,000 - £20,000 pounds, where as average starting rates within a PR office can range between £22,00 and £28,000 pounds and with more year experience the salary can rise to £30,000 plus a year, experienced managers within the industry can earn anywhere from £40,000 pounds to £100,00 pounds a year and more, bonuses are also available in this job role.

Within this job work is normally 9-5 however some may have to be on call incase any PR crisis's take place at weekends so that they can be fixed a soon as possible, and unsocial hours being possible also, however along with this you can either work part time also.

What should be expected within this industry

Public relation officers are normally based with offices, this is excluding different meetings and different platforms events, it is normally expected that the person in conversation must be flexible , communication is also key as you will be contacting many different people through meeting etc, and it is an expectation that you dress smart the majority of the time.